Photo by Marissa Pina

Photo by Marissa Pina


Identity/ Culturally relevant stories/ Women’s issues

What does identifying as Afro-Latina Really Mean?,

What does the term Afro-Indigenous Latina Really Mean?

Why Some Latinas are Reclaiming the World "Mulatta," 

When Will the World Finally Accept and Embrace Ethnic Noses? 

How the #MeToo Movement Impacts Latinas, 

I Grew Up Being Told "Calladita Te Ves Mas Bonita" 

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Why Being Transracial Is Total BS, 

This is Why Latinas are Becoming Less Religious and More Spiritual, 

5 Latinas on Being Queer in Trump's America and Their Concern for LGBTQ Rights,

Why We Need To Start Seriously Addressing Toxic Masculinity & Machismo, 

This Latino's Powerful Response To Trump Calling Immigrants 'Animals' Is Everything, 

The Politics of Being A Loud Latina, 

Cosby to Host Sexual Assault Seminar, 

Women are Effed if the House GOP Health Bill Actually Passes, 

Reclaiming The Word "Pussy" In A Post -Trump Era,

The Problem With Saying “I’m Not That Kind of Latina,”

The Struggle of Being Told You’re “Not Latina” Enough,”

10 Latinas Who Are Making It Their Mission to Learn Spanish,

Dealing With the Cultural Nuances of Being from Two Latin American Countries,

Meet the Dominican Woman Who Never Visits the Dominican Republic,

Muslim Latinas Shatter Stereotypes About Their Faith,

You Should Worry About the Zika Virus, Even If You Aren’t Pregnant,

Latinas Who Are Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex,

Why Women Putting Motherhood on Hold Should Be Proactive About Their Fertility,  

Why I’m Breaking the “Pelo Malo” Cycle,

Why Being a Skinny Latina Gave Me Body Issues,

Learning to Love and Embrace My Latina Looks,

Timeless Literature Every Dominican Book Lover Should Read,

Why Slut-shaming other women is wrong, as told by a woman who did it all time,

How Planned Parenthood Is Helping Latinas,

The Disastrous Consequences of Cutting Planned Parenthood for Texas,

Why Latinas Are Looking to Sukyo Mahikari for Spirituality,  


Health & Wellness:  

Latina Feminists Are Reclaiming Their Inner Bruja Like We've Never Seen Before,

I Tried Crystal Light Therapy and it Is Even Better Than Meditation,

I Sat in a Pink Himalayan Salt Room and I've Never Felt So Zen,

Interstitial Cystitis: The Painful Pelvic Disorder Your Gyno Isn't Telling You About,

The Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Everything You Need to Know,

Attending a Full Moon Meditation Before My Birthday Helped Me Harness My Divine Feminine Energy,

The Eating Disorder No One Talks About,

Why Birth Control Has a Bad Rap -- And Why It Shouldn’t,

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Endometrosis,

Everything You Need to Know About HPV: The Most Common STD,

Why You Need to Get Your Guy Tested For STDs Before Sex,

Meditating During My Commute Changed My Life,

I’m in a Prayer Group But Am Not Religious,

Years of Being Sick Forced Me to Get Serious About Healthy Eating,

Giving Up Dairy Was the Best Decision I Ever Made,


Beauty & Style:

I Am Proof That Brown-Skinned Latinas Can Get Rosacea Too,

The New Lip Reduction Plastic Surgery Trend, 

A Love Letter to My Cellulite, 

How Cutting My Hair Short Helped Me Love Myself More, 

9 Women Share How They Transitioned From Heat-Damage to Healthy Curly Hair, 

Is There Room for White Women in The Natural Hair Movement? 

Is it OK for Latinas Rock Black Hairstyles?

These Latinas Are Getting Real About Embracing Their Natural Curls,

Signs You’re Using The Wrong Curly Hair Products,

The #WashDay Thoughts That Run Through Every Curly Girl’s Mind,

5 Things to Know Before Going to a Dominican Salon if You Have Natural Hair,

3 Hairstyles to Hide Heat Damaged Ends This Summer,

I Floated In a Sensory Deprivation Tank For An Hour For Clear Skin, 


Celebrity interviews

Amara La Negra: You Don't Need Dark Skin To Be Afro-Latina, 

Why Junot Diaz Made His New Book About An Afro-Latina, 

Plus-Size Model Denise Bidot Is Changing the Fashion Industry, 

Style Blogger Turned Model Jillian Mercado is Redefining Beauty, 

Transgender Model Gisele Alicea Is Changing The Face of Fashion, 

Sesame Street's "Maria" Changed Television for Latinos, 

The New Latina on 'Sesame Street' Responds to Petition, 

'OITNB's Diane Guerrero on Being a Citizen Child of Undocumented Immigrants, 

Dascha Polanco on 'Joy,' Working with J.Law, and Female Friendships, 

Diego Luna's daughter is hyped about seeing a female lead in new "Rogue One," 

Nina Sky Is Back and On Their Way to Making Their Next Hit, 

April Hernandez Is Taking a Stand Against Domestic Violence in New Book, 


Love & Relationships

How a difficult relationship helped me finally realize that "I'm enough," 

Why I'm Taking a Dating Sabbatical, 

My Dating Detox Is Teaching Me Self-Love, 

I Went on a Dating Sabbatical for 77 Days and It Gave Me Confidence to Date Again, 

Why I Finally Decided to Online Date, 

Why I Came Out of Speed Dating Feeling Empowered, 

How to Come Out of a Breakup Feeling Empowered,